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Breaking Bread Bakery provides premium gluten-free baking mixes

Living with a gluten free diet can be a challenge.  When you or a loved one are diagnosed with Celiac disease or some other food allergy or sensitivity, your eyes are opened to just how pervasive gluten is in the modern food supply.  All your favorite foods seem to contain gluten and your attempts to prepare gluten free substitutes may seem tasteless and strangely textured.

But fear not, many have been down this path before you.  Gluten-free does not have to mean taste-free.  Breaking Bread Bakery offers premium gluten-free mixes to make some of the most delicious cakes, cookies, brownies, pancakes you'll find outside Mom's kitchen.

Please check out our reasonably-priced product line.  We also offer delicious recipes and resources to help you along this journey to good health.